What Is Rebating In Insurance?

In insurance, rebating is when an insurance agent offers to pay part of their commissions to a policyholder as an incentive to buy from them. Rebating can be done in several ways, including discounts on future premiums, cash back, or refunds.  Is Rebating In Insurance Legal? The answer to this question depends on the state you reside. ... More

What Type Of Car Insurance Policy Do Rideshare Drivers Need?

You need to invest in rideshare auto insurance if you drive for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft. As a rideshare driver, you need rideshare auto insurance to cover your job and protect yourself where your personal auto insurance plans cannot. In addition, because you use your car to carry out a paid service, you need commercial or ... More

What’s The Difference Between Medicare AEP Vs. Medicare OEP?

Medicare enrollment periods allow you to decide on your health coverage for the upcoming year. However, several different enrollment periods will enable you to do different things. Here, we'll look at Medicare AEP (Medicare Annual Enrollment Period) vs. Medicare OEP (Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period). What Is AEP? The Medicare AEP ... More

Car Insurance Surcharge

You may spot a surcharge in your premium if you check your car insurance document. While insurance rates are likely to increase after a surcharge, you can alleviate some stress by familiarizing yourself with your insurer's policies. Here, we'll go through the car insurance surcharge. What Is A Car Insurance Surcharge? A car insurance ... More

Things You Need to Know About Modified Life Insurance

If you have health issues and find it challenging to qualify for a life insurance policy, then modified life insurance has covered you. Modified life insurance, also referred to as guaranteed life insurance, is a feasible option for you. Anyone can qualify for a modified life insurance policy because it doesn't require a medical exam. What ... More

Things To Know About Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Buying a home is exciting, but you need to look at your financial position and understand how much house you can afford before making your final decision. However, you might have heard about private mortgage insurance if you're interested in getting financial help during the home-buying process. What Exactly Is Private Mortgage Insurance? ... More

Health Insurance Subsidies

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires everyone to have health insurance coverage. While some people are covered through federal programs such as Medicare or Medicaid, others get their health insurance coverage through their employers. In addition, some sets of people are required to buy an individual health insurance plan, which can be ... More

What Can Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters Do?

If you’re involved in a crash and want to file a claim with your insurer, then you will be working with an auto insurance claims adjuster. People called claims adjusters different names, including claims analyst, claims handler, claims specialist, or loss adjuster. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what they do if you want to know ... More

Does Insurance Cover A Rental Car?

Getting involved in an accident with a rental car can be frustrating because coverage for rental cars crash is not the same as for personally-owned automobiles. As a result, determining liability and uncovering protection can become quite an issue.  Understanding Rental Car Insurance Protection When renting a car, there is a lot of ... More

Why Businesses Need Errors And Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance protect business owners against lawsuits due to losses incurred by an employee's mistake, omission, or act. Every business can benefit from this insurance coverage, from healthcare to real estate agents, IT, lawyers, accountants, IT, and architects. What Do Errors And Omissions Insurance Cover? E&O policy ... More