Life Insurance

Does Life Insurance Payout Go Through Probate Process

A life insurance policy payout can be financial grant for deceased relatives. However, many wonders if the payout will go through probate. Life insurance proceeds generally do not go through probate, but several factors could make a life insurance payout pass through probate. Whether or not named beneficiaries are alive. Whether or ... More

Joint Life Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

Life insurance becomes necessary once you are married and ready to have children. While most people buy an individual life insurance policy, which only pays a death benefit if the policyholder dies, a couple has another option: Instead of buying separate individual policies, joint life insurance might be an excellent option for you. What is ... More

Things You Need to Know About Modified Life Insurance

If you have health issues and find it challenging to qualify for a life insurance policy, then modified life insurance has covered you. Modified life insurance, also referred to as guaranteed life insurance, is a feasible option for you. Anyone can qualify for a modified life insurance policy because it doesn't require a medical exam. What ... More

What Are The Common Types Of Life Insurance?

There are different types of life insurance policies, and knowing which one is the best for you can be confusing. So here, we'll go through the common types of life insurance policies and explain what each covers so you can decide which coverage is right. Whole Life Insurance Whole life insurance is a permanent coverage that lasts your ... More

What Is Loss Of Earning Capacity?

When you're injured and can't work, it's not just your physical health that takes a hit. Your income may also take a hit, which can seriously impact your quality of life. However, if you've been injured and cannot work, you may be able to collect compensation for loss of earning capacity. What Exactly Is A Loss Of Earning Capacity? Loss of ... More

Bundling Insurance Policies Together

When people think about insurance coverage, they think about the different types of coverage that are necessary for them. Many people have car insurance, health insurance, and homeowners or renters insurance but do you know that you can bundle all these policies together to get a discount. You just need to make sure that the company you are ... More

Life Insurance 101: Understanding The Basics of Life Insurance

If you just got out of college and have landed your first full-time job, or maybe you're starting out life, working towards your goals, milestone by milestone, you should be proud of yourself. Yes, you deserve your flowers and accolades, each step of your journey. Maybe you just tied the knot with the love of your life? Well, congratulations ... More


Getting any kind of insurance for the first time can be really confusing. This confusion is worse when trying to purchase life insurance. Knowing that life may happen anytime can send one into panic mode. This is the most common excuse people give for not getting life insurance. Well, you don't have to be too confused. We are here to help ... More


Music is good. In fact, music is life to our soul. Nothing beats the life that erupts from the soulful performance of a life band. Don't let anything disrupt your creativity. Not even accidents. Creative people need the right space and conditions to flourish, but some events may get in the way. It is quite common for accidents to happen ... More

Want to Save on Life Insurance? Here’s How

When it comes to investing in your family’s financial future, life insurance is a smart move. This is especially if you have debts greater than your cash savings. This protects your family in the event you die before paying off your student loans or credit card debt. With so many life insurance options on the market, though, it’s easy to ... More