What Can Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters Do?

If you’re involved in a crash and want to file a claim with your insurer, then you will be working with an auto insurance claims adjuster. People called claims adjusters different names, including claims analyst, claims handler, claims specialist, or loss adjuster. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what they do if you want to know how to deal with them after a car accident.

What Is An Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster, And What Can They Do?

Insurance companies hire auto insurance claims adjusters to investigate claims. An adjuster acts as an investigator to check every aspect of a claim to determine the party at fault. The primary role of an adjuster is to save the company money. Specific tasks include: 

  • Investigating the circumstances surrounding your car accident
  • Assess car damage in person 
  • Gather hospital records and police reports
  • Determining whether the insurer is liable
  • Calculating property damages and other losses
  • Convincing you to agree to a settlement offer.

While auto insurance claim adjusters may appear caring, their job security hinges on closing claim quickly at the least amount of money possible.

Are Claim Adjusters Your Enemy?

Claims adjusters work for the insurers and have no interest in the outcome of a claim. While some adjusters out there are trying to find a way to underpay what you deserve or deny your claim, there are still honest claims adjusters who are just trying to get things right.

Keep in mind that there is a strict process that they must follow. Insurance fraud would be prevalent if there weren’t a strict claims process, and the whole insurance business wouldn’t survive.