How Does Working From Home Affect Home Insurance?

If you are thinking of switching to a home office, or if your company is going remote, you might want to read on from here. The coronavirus pandemic aided the acceleration of remote work culture. With many top companies already on board with this, employees are gradually taking the initiative and making the best of their new work-life from the comfort of their homes. For many people, working from home means spending more time with family and loved ones, saving more money, and being less stressed out from work. Setting up a home office is fun, and there are a lot of beautiful ideas online to explore and choose from.

If you are working from home, you need to check your home insurance policy and what it covers. Working from home comes with new risks, some of which may not be covered in your current insurance package. Also, inform your insurer of your switch to working from home. Usually, home insurance covers your furniture, home appliances, carpets, paintings, and clothes. Some of them already cover some home basic office equipment, but it is always good to check your policy to be sure. Call your insurer and review your current home insurance options to accommodate your home office appliances.