Who Should Consider Temporary Health Insurance?

Despite low requirements to purchase the Affordable Care Act, not everyone is on board. For some reason, unemployed people who can’t get COBRA, new hires, seasonal workers, or recent college grads decide to buy short-term health insurance policies. This plan provides coverage for accidents and unexpected sicknesses at an affordable price for a limited period.

What Does It Cover?

What this policy covers vary from plan to plan. In general, this policy covers inpatient and outpatient doctor visits, lab and x-ray work, non-elective surgeries, hospital services, prescription drugs, and ambulance services. Please check carefully with your insurance company before getting temporary health insurance.

Who Should Consider Getting Temporary Health Insurance

A temporary healthcare insurance policy may be good for you if you’re under any of the following situations:

  • You are exempt from ACA.
  • You’re a seasonal worker.
  • You’re a student who doesn’t have insurance coverage.
  • You’re a foreign national or an international student living temporarily in the U.S.
  • You missed ACA open enrollment period and need temporary health insurance to fill the gap.
  • You’ve purchased a plan, but you need a temporary policy until the plan goes into effect.

Advantages Of Temporary Health Insurance

  • Temporary health insurance premiums are less expensive.
  • They help protect you against financial loss if you have a medical emergency.
  • They lock in your premium rate for the time of your coverage.
  • Approval is quick, and coverage can begin as soon as possible.