Here is something no one will tell you: you can insure a valuable body part. Insuring body parts is something that mostly celebrities do. But there is no reason why you can’t have it too. Insuring body parts is a necessity that comes with the consideration of that part of the body as an asset. Like all insurance plans, it is an indication of value. When something is valuable, you insure it to cover for the disadvantages of its loss. So, why not a hand or the eyes?

Although body parts insurance is not standard insurance, they are not forbidden either. They are just duly expensive, which is expected of something with superior value. People (mostly celebrities) insure valuable parts of their bodies because, in the event of a loss, they might be out of a job. Hence, it is a wise decision to put a premium on it. Away from renowned celebrities and their insured parts, surgeons are good examples of people who need to insure their body parts (looking at you Dr. Strange). Surgeons are valued for the use of their minds and hands. But mostly their hands. In case of accidents or nervous wrecks, their hands may not be so productive anymore. Hence, they might be out of jobs. But with body part insurance, they will have a few months covered until they can get up to something else. Not all insurance companies offer this insurance plan. But get one who does and get a policy now.