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Here is something no one will tell you: you can insure a valuable body part. Insuring body parts is something that mostly celebrities do. But there is no reason why you can't have it too. Insuring body parts is a necessity that comes with the consideration of that part of the body as an asset. Like all insurance plans, it is an indication of ... More


We have come a long way in developing healthy expressions of empathy. This is evident in the way we treat animals now and help them. Pets have become family too. We derive joy in their flourishing, pained by their agonies, and even broken by their passing. If this is how much you love your pet, why not get them insured too? Pets insurance is ... More


Health insurance for kids is a great idea. This policy can cover hospital bills and medicines in the event of children falling ill or critically sick. It also carries some added benefits if the quote is well made. Some things you must know about children is that they have weaker immune systems than adults, and they also have poorer reflexes. ... More


Music is good. In fact, music is life to our soul. Nothing beats the life that erupts from the soulful performance of a life band. Don't let anything disrupt your creativity. Not even accidents. Creative people need the right space and conditions to flourish, but some events may get in the way. It is quite common for accidents to happen ... More

Will Your Health Insurance Coverage Extend Abroad?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got sick or injured while traveling overseas? Unfortunately, this “what if” scenario becomes a reality for 15 percent of travelers each year. If you’re wondering whether your health insurance plan would still cover you out of the country, read on for details. Image via Unsplash/Conver... More

How to Pay Less for Health Insurance Costs

Finding affordable health care coverage is important for both individuals and families. Having coverage prevents unexpected medical costs from causing financial strife and immense debt, yet it can be expensive to pay for a monthly health plan, too. In this resource, you’ll find ten ways to pay less for your healthcare plan. Image via ... More

Options for Health Care Coverage While You’re Unemployed

Being unemployed is certainly worrisome on multiple accounts, but one major concern is access to health insurance when you don’t have an employer’s health plan available to you. This can be especially troubling if you have a family who relies on you for coverage. Rest assured, there are options available to you. Read on to learn more. ... More

Secrets About Health Insurance Only the Experts Know

The world of health insurance can be convoluted and confusing for those of us outside the profession. However, there is much to be learned from experts. Click through to learn four secrets about insurance companies, benefits and more. Image via Unsplash/krakenimages Continue to original source. More

Want to Pay Less for Health Insurance? Here’s How

Health insurance policies ease the financial burdens associated with healthcare, especially in cases of unexpected illness or injury. As with most types of insurance, they play the role of alleviating stress for policyholders, too. Still, some people choose to forego having a health insurance policy simply due to costs. If you’d like to ... More

What to Know About Retirement Healthcare

When you retire you'll want to know what your healthcare plans will be. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Medicare isn't free or an automatic guarantee. You have to choose between the available policies. When you move, you need new insurance. You might not be covered if you travel abroad. More