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What You Need to Know About Loan Default

Most people who take out a loan have every intention of paying it back on time. However, life can get in the way of our best-laid plans, meaning loan defaults happen fairly frequently. Read on to learn what default means for your financial health, and what steps you should take. Image via Unsplash/neONBRAND Continue to original source. More

Is a Second Mortgage Right for You?

Many homeowners have reason to apply for a second mortgage, which means an additional home loan on the same property on which you already have one mortgage loan. If you own a home and find yourself in need of an infusion of cash – for instance, to pay for a wedding or unexpected medical expense – a second mortgage could be a useful tool ... More

Payday Loans Can Be Financially Damaging

Shirt-term loans, often called “payday loans”, are typically advertised as perfect for those with bad credit, who may not qualify for personal loans from traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. However, payday loans are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Borrowers should take caution before using this option. Image via ... More

Three Things to Know About Second Mortgages

Are you wondering whether a second mortgage is the right financial move for you? The term “second mortgage” usually refers to an additional home loan on the same property on which you already have one mortgage. If you own a home and find yourself in need of an infusion of cash – say, to pay for a wedding or unexpected medical expense ... More

Tips for Responsible Credit Card Use

We have all heard horror stories about credit card debt, and it’s enough to make a person give up credit cards completely. However, those alarming stories aren’t the only results of credit card use. For those who utilize them responsibly, they can be an integral tool in a consumer’s financial toolbox. Let’s take a look at a few ways a ... More

Is it Smart to Have More than One Credit Card?

It’s easy to fill up your wallet with credit cards, what with all your favorite stores and airlines offering cards with great perks. However, is it wise to have more than one? Read on to learn how many credit cards you should have – and what to do if you have too many. Image via Unsplash/Pickawood Continue to original source. More

Strategies to Deal with Your Poor Credit Score

A low credit score can hold you back from accomplishing your goals. Luckily, you may be able to raise you score by 100 points or more by following these seven tips. The best part is these changes can make a positive impact on your score quickly. Read on to learn more. Image via Unsplash/ Continue to original source. More

Credit Checking 101: What to Look for on Your Credit Report

Since your credit is so important to your financial health, experts recommend that you check your credit report once per year. In fact, it’s such an essential step to your financial health that it’s available annually for free. Still, many people are left wondering what to do next. Once you’ve accessed your credit report, what should ... More

Personal Finance Advice: What to Do if Your Mortgage is Underwater

We all make personal finance mistakes sometimes, and if you owe more on your home than what you could sell it for in the present market, it’s called an “underwater mortgage.” The situation can seem hopeless – pouring money into a property that will not yield a financial benefit, and which could actually damage your finances instead. ... More

How to Check Your Credit Score Annually

Having a good credit score can save you thousands of dollars on loans and interests rates throughout your life, but how do you know your score? Every American is entitled to check their score for free annually, and it’s available in multiple places, too. Check out the details by clicking below. Image via Unsplash/NordWood Themes Con... More