Health Insurance

5.4 Million Americans Have Lost Health Insurance Due to Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus has decimated the job market, leaving more people unemployed than ever before. And with that comes a lot of people without health insurance as well. Right now, approximately 5.4 million people have lost their health insurance since the crisis began. Compared to the Great Recession, only 3.9 million people had lost their ... More

Are You Saving All You Can on Health Insurance?

Did you know that consumers have been paying an increasingly higher percentage of their medical costs in recent years? Even with health insurance, your checkbook can suffer if you get sick or have an accident. That’s why it’s so important to learn ways to save on health insurance before you sign up for your next policy. Check out the ... More

How to Pay Less for Health Insurance

Health insurance policies ease the financial burdens associated with healthcare, especially in cases of unexpected illness or injury. As with most types of insurance, they play the role of alleviating stress for policyholders, too. Still, some people choose to forego having a health insurance policy simply due to costs. If you’d like to ... More

What You Need to know About Health Insurance

According to recent studies, many Americans don’t know key information about health insurance and don’t understand the basics facts of it. Having that knowledge I very important because it will help you choose the policy that is right for you and your family. Health insurance is also oftentimes a big expense, so it is crucial to make the ... More

Easy tips for Healthy Eating

People always talk about eating healthy, and so many times the word “diet” is brought in. Many don’t understand that what it truly means is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix to a health and weight problem. If you can’t imagine yourself eating in a certain way for years, don’t even start it because it will not last. Diets that ... More

Read and Review

Many things can change in a year, so when it's time to renew your health insurance policy, don't just auto-renew it. You'll want to make sure you look into all the different options and don't end up pigeonholing yourself into a policy that no longer works for you. Your circumstances and needs may have changed recently, or perhaps you have a ... More

Learn your New Plan

The worst thing you can do with a new insurance plan is to assume that it is just like your previous one. Even if you are paying the same monthly premium, plans can have big differences between them. When you sign up for a new plan, learn it and know your rights and conditions. It can make a big difference in your pocket if you go about a ... More