Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Perks for Safe Drivers

If you show that your auto insurance company that you're a safe driver and that you aren't high risk, then you could see a decrease in your auto insurance rates. The longer you go without getting into a car accident then the longer you'll be able to show that you're someone the auto insurance company can trust. And they'll reward you accord... More

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Options

Even if you’re a safe and experienced driver, accidents happen from time to time and it’s important to be prepared. Having an auto insurance policy protects you from an unexpected blow to your finances in the event you owe a lot for damages to your car or someone else’s. If you’re in the market for your first auto insurance policy, ... More

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Saving money on car insurance is on every driver’s mind. There are many opportunities for discounts, which sometimes you will only know about if you ask. Having good credit is important in many aspects, as well as in getting the best rates for auto insurance. Many insurance companies use credit information to make a decision about the price ... More

Four Tips for Safe Driving

Many drivers look for ways to lower their auto insurance costs, and when told about the good driver discount they take a hard and honest look on their driving. If you wish to do your best with becoming the safest driver, look through and think about the tips below: Never drive in a rush. There are certainly many important meetings and ... More

Red Car Auto Insurance Myth Debunked

There’s probably a pretty good chance you’ve heard the myth that red cars cost more to insure than vehicles of any other color. “For years there has been a notion that color plays a significant part in calculating insurance premium costs, many people believing that red cars cost more to insure because they are linked to aggressive ... More

Allstate Now Offering Auto Insurance for Uber Drivers

Allstate announced on Wednesday that it will now be offering auto insurance plans for drivers who pick up passengers via apps like Uber and Lyft. This is a massive relief for the drivers, who are usually victims to the gig economy, which is a way that employers can avoid giving its drivers things like insurance. Many drivers have complained ... More